Engagement Photos At Castle

Engagement Session In A Castle

When I first met up with Katrina & Chris at a coffee shop they seemed a little nervous. Perfect, I was nervous too so we already had that in common. The first thing I do when I meet with a couple is tell them exactly what I do and why I do it, I bare my soul. I also tell them how I feel about what is happening at that exact moment in time. If we are going to connect we will know right then and there.

Fast forward 5 minutes into the meeting and we were already enjoying ourselves talking about the wedding. We agreed to do engagement photos and when it came time to plan it they called me one day and said “what about that castle near the beach?”. BOOM! Sign me up! I’ve shot weddings at Castle Otttis but an engagement session got me pretty amped up.

Castle Otttis is an impression of an Irish castle of 1000 years ago. The interior was created under guidance of historians from the Catholic Diocese of Northeast Florida to evoke an atmosphere of an Abbey in Ireland during the same period. We hit the castle at sunrise one morning and did our thing together. We laughed through most of the session. Their wedding is going to be amazing.

Engagement Photos
Katrina & Chris