Massachusetts is our home once again after living in Florida for several years and I am beyond excited to be working in a place I love so much!

As a Cape Cod native I will always call this area home. I’ve spent the last decade mostly in St Augustine, FL refining my photography skills and traveling the country working with all kinds of fascinating people. I have experienced over 200 weddings, got to photograph television personalities on a regular basis, acted as lead contributor to several print publications and made so many friends along the way.

Because of a camera my life has been completely changed forever by the people I have met, the relationships I have made and the impact I have had on other’s lives.

Brian Miller
I look so serious!

When I’m not chasing people around with cameras I’m usually sitting at a computer or hanging with my family. I’ve played guitar most of my life and love to get in over my head with projects at home. My wife is my strongest supporter and we are parents to the coolest little dude in the history of little dudes.

Miller Family
My Favorite People on Earth

Random Facts

  • My favorite part of a wedding is when somebody goes completely honest and vulnerable during a toast speech

  • I believe in leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping a positive outlook.

  • I’m probably older than you think I am and I plan to always fool people with that.

  • I believe your attitude is what shapes you

  • I miss flip phones and hope they make a comeback

  • I play the guitar and build them as a hobby

  • I believe having gratitude is the key to leading you where you want to go in life

  • I believe what you put out there is what you will get back from others and the world around you

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